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Liverpool Cathedral


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The project involved the reinstatement of an existing air blown Underfloor heating system, which had laid dormant for approximately forty years. New fan chambers and heating coils were constructed in the voids beneath the main cathedral, these were set to circulate warm air around the floor ducts underneath the main cathedral floor.

A Trend IQ3 BMS controller was installed to provide modulating control of the heating coils and also volume speed control of the new fan units. Due to the listed status of the building, cables could not be installed in the main building so wireless room sensors were utilised to provide room temperature monitoring.

A Trend 963 Graphics Supervisor was installed to provide the end user with access to monitor and adjust the time and temperature control settings.

Liverpool Cathedral

What we did

  • Assist in the initial preparation of controls specification
  • Removal and safe disposal of original controls equipment
  • Design bespoke control panel and software
  • Provide all new loose control equipment
  • Carried Out electrical controls Installation
  • Commission test, and hand over