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Navigation Road Primary School


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The whole building is naturally ventilated and heated by under-floor hot water heating pipes from gas-fired condensing boilers, designed to supplement the natural heat gain from the large south-facing windows.

The high ceiling levels in the classrooms, particularly at first floor where the junior classrooms follow the mono pitch of the roof line, allow for heat to rise in occupied classes. Automatic controls, using data from an external weather station, and internal air quality sensors, operate window louvers to introduce fresh air into the classrooms, whilst hot stale air is automatically ventilated to large stacks whose terminals are a feature of the new school.

Rain water is recycled as “grey water” – pumped by a wind turbine to a holding tank for flushing the lavatory cisterns, and thermal solar panels on the south-facing classroom roof are used to pre-heat the domestic hot water.

Navigation Road Primary School

What we did

  • Assist in the initial preparation of controls specification
  • Design bespoke control panel and associated software
  • Provide all loose control equipment
  • Carried out electrical controls Installation
  • Commission test, and hand over
  • Provide bespoke Trend Graphics on Site PC and large public display screen